Pato no Tucupi
Duck in the Tucupi Sauce
Pirarucu de casaca
Pirarucu of Casaca
Pudim de Cupuašu
Pudding of Cupuašu

Duck in Tucupi Sauce (Pato no Tucupi)


1 large duck
3 small onions, peeled, finely chopped
4 cloves of garlic
100 grams of bacon in slices
5 ripe tomatoes (optional)
1/3 of cup (tea) of vinegar
1 leaf of laurel tree
1/2 spoon (coffee) of cumin powder and black pepper
1 cup (tea) of oil
1 bunch of jambu (or watercress)
1 liter of Tucupi
12 spoons (soup) of toasted cassava flour

Preparation steps

Clean the duck very well. Following, pierce it slightly with a fork and spice it with beaten garlic, salt, laurel tree, black pepper, cumin powder and vinegar. Leave it to take taste until the next day.

After this time, cover the duck with slices of bacon, place it in a roasting pan, arrange in top the slices of onion and tomato. Place it with oil to bake on moderate fire in the oven, leaving to bake until the duck is ruddy and soft. Remove it, cut it in pieces and leave it in the proper gravy.

Clean jambu, wash and it has pricked (it conserves the stems to give more taste), boil tucupi with 2 cloves of garlic previously beaten, per more or less 15 minutes. When using watercress, do not boil it.

Add pieces of the duck in the gravy and leaves to boil per 20 minutes.

At serving time, place in each plate 2 cassava flour soup spoons, arranges for top 1 or 2 pieces of duck and pours gravy sufficiently (well hot). The gravy mixed the flour, will form a species of will pirŃo.

* To make the gravy of the Tucupi

Grape the cassava, press the broth and place it to cook with sufficient garlic. After cold, bottle it.

A good option to make with tucupi is the Tacacß celebrity:

Boil one liter of tucupi with a twig of jambu and three peppers malaguetas. It makes a well thick mass with half kilo of manioc powder and water. It mixes half kilo of dry shrimps and serves with gravy of tucupi for top, hot.

Pirarucu de Casaca


500 g dried Pirarucu
2 PacovŃ bananas sliced and fried
500 g of Uarini flour, well toasted
1 box of seedless raisins
100 g dried prunes
2 cooked eggs
100 g olives
Tomato, green pepper, spring onions, fresh coriander, olive oil, to taste.

Preparation steps

Soak the Pirarucu in plenty of water overnight.

The following day, wash and scald briefly. Bake over hot coals (or in the oven if necessary), allow to cool and open in thin slices.

Make the "farofa" with the plums (chopped), rains and flour - using a little olive oil in the mixture. Do not cook the mixture.

Lightly fry the vegetables in the olive oil, starting with the onion.

Put layers in a oven proof dish of: farofa, pirarucu, vegetables and fried banana.

Decorate with the cooked eggs and olives and place in a low oven until golden.

Cupuašu Pudding (Pudim de Cupuašu)


Fruit pulp of one Cupuašu
1 butter soup spoon
500 g of sugar
4 eggs
1/2 cup of wheat flour tea

Preparation steps

Using scissors, cut the fruit pulp from a great cupuašu.

Cook the pulp with plenty of water until it boils.

Strain the pulp and weigh it. Add an equal weight of sugar. Cook, stirring continuously until golden.

Remove from the heat and add the butter and sugar mix well.

Allow to cool and add eggs and flour - mix well.

Put the mixture in a caramelized baking tin. Turn upside down leaving the on top until cool.

Remove from the tin and serve.