Located in Manaus, Amazonas by Viverde has a close partnership with the main protagonists of local tourism, knowledge of the region and its peculiarities.

Jungle Lodges

Jungle Lodges

The lodges offer complete packages including accommodation, transportation since Manaus hotels or airport, all meals, guided excursions to know the many different aspects of the rainforest (fauna, flora and local) with specialized and bilingual guides and native guide. The difference is the location and few particular characteristics of services offered.

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River Cruises

River Cruises

Rivers are the best way to discover the mysteries of the Amazon rainforest. For small groups or traveling alone, you can opt for regular cruises or charter cruises, with itineraries covering the Amazon basin, National Parks, and State Reserves. You even have the option of making your own itinerary according to your time and resources, combining a jungle hotel stay with a river cruise.

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Hotels in Manaus

Get to know our city, our culture, our fauna & flora and even the work of some institutions that help in the development of the Amazon, such as the Science Forest (INPA) and the CIGS Zoo (Brazilian Army). Manaus is the gateway to jungle hotels and cruises, a different city, with interesting history and cuisine.

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