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The Amazon Ecopark Lodge is located to the edges of the River Tarumã, a tributary of the Negro River, in middle of Amazon forest, however only 30 minutes by boat of Manaus.



Amazon Ecopark - Superior - Quadruplo Amazon Ecopark - Superior - Baheiro Amazon Ecopark - Superior
SUPERIOR: 28 rooms total. The traditional rooms were remodeled, now of masonry and larger,
being 1 unit with "King Size" bed and the others with double bed and/or two single beds turning into "queen size" bed.
Eight of them can be transformed into triple or quadruple rooms.
Wi-fi unstable depending on weather.

Valid till June 30/243N w/MW3N2N w/MW2N1N
INDIVIDUALR$ 7.828R$ 7.513R$ 6.321R$ 6.006R$ 4.279
DOUBLE/TRIPLER$ 5.870R$ 5.555R$ 4.772R$ 4.457R$ 3.182
Valid till Dec. 22/243N w/MW3N2N w/MW2N1N
INDIVIDUALR$ 8.226R$ 7.889R$ 6.645R$ 6.307R$ 4.493
DOUBLE/TRIPLER$ 6.170R$ 5.835R$ 5.018R$ 4.680R$ 3.341

Superior Plus

Amazon Ecopark - Superior Plus - Corredor Amazon Ecopark - Superior Plus - Banheiro Amazon Ecopark - Superior Plus
SUPERIOR PLUS: 6 rooms total. New buildings in masonry, larger than the other categories,
with two pairs adjoining, two with "king size", 4 with two "queen size" beds that can turn into a larger double bed or two single.
All can be triple or quadruple. This is the only room category with TV set.
Wi-fi unstable depending on weather.

Valid till June 30/243N w/MW3N2N w/MW2N1N
INDIVIDUALR$ 9.340R$ 9.025R$ 7.534R$ 7.219R$ 5.150
DOUBLE/TRIPLER$ 6.983R$ 6.668R$ 5.660R$ 5.345R$ 3.817
Valid till Dec. 22/243N w/MW3N2N w/MW2N1N
INDIVIDUALR$ 9.814R$ 9.477R$ 7.918R$ 7.580R$ 5.408
DOUBLE/TRIPLER$ 7.339R$ 7.002R$ 5.950R$ 5.612R$ 4.008

w/MW: including FULL DAY tour of Meeting of Waters.

Additional Information

Including: Transfer IN/OUT + Accommodation + Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast + Excursions (Portuguese/English).

New Year's Eve:INCLUDES buffet dinner with SPECIAL NEW YEAR'S EVE MENU served in the restaurant (with music and decoration alluding to the date).
Regional 2-story boat decorated with DJ on board from 10:30 pm on 31/Dec to 2 am on 1/Jan in the Amazon Ecopark/Praia da Ponta Negra circuit (where fireworks are held in Manaus)/Amazon Ecopark. Upon boarding, customers will be welcomed with a caipirinha and New Year's kit; Tropical Fruit buffet available on the boat; at midnight, a glass of sparkling wine will be served per person; children will be entitled to 1 can of soda or bottled mineral water. Other drinks paid separately.

Children Policy (since in the same room of their parents):
- Till 10 years old - Courtesy;
Second Kid:
- till 5 years old is courtesy (but the second bed is subjetc to availability).
Greater than 5 years old pays like adult (two single beds).

Excursions: The daily schedule and order of the excursions will be in charge of the Operation Department of the lodge.

Attention: There are some sites offering reservations Amazon Ecopark lodge only with lodging and breakfast as an urban hotel. The Ecopark is not an urban hotel. In order to reach the lodge, you will need river transport from Manaus. Buying transportation, meals and excursions separately results in higher cost, more than the rate published in our page.
In case you get a better rate, please, let us know so we can try the same conditions.


All rooms have pleasant decor, individual balconies with views of the forest, air conditioning, screened windows, minibar and private bathroom with electric shower.

Adapted apartments: Some apartments have adapted bathrooms with security bars, wide doors and other facilities, but not following ABNT standards.
The hotel has accessibility (ramps) for wheelchair users in several external parts, but there are steps and other obstacles that hinder the circulation of the wheelchair.

The lodge has a panoramic open-air restaurant with Indigenous architecture where up to 120 people can enjoy the delicious recipes from the varied regional cuisine and international dishes. A bar, living room and reception lobby are part of the social areas too. The lodge has two large thatched roof areas, which are an excellent option for group events for private parties or folkloric shows and regional music performances.

Gastronomy: Meals at Ecopark Jungle Lodge are always an attraction of their own.
At breakfast, guests may savor a buffet of fresh seasonal fruits, fresh regional fruit juices, a large array of homemade breads and pastries, cheeses, cold cuts, pancakes, and any style of eggs made to order.

Lunch and dinner consist of a plentiful buffet of varied meat, chicken, and local Amazonian fish specialties. Hot dishes include rice, potatoes, pasta, and fresh vegetables. Several types of salads compliment the main dishes. For dessert, there are many exotic regional specialties with emphasis on fresh fruits.

The meals above mentioned in the Packages are included provided since obeying the restaurant time schedule.
It is implied that passengers who are unable (or because they arrive later or leave before) during the hours of the meals, lose the right the same without refund later.
* Breakfast: 07:30h to 09:00h
* Lunch: 12:30 to 14:00
* Dinner: 19:30 to 21:00
Drinks are NOT included, except on breakfast when coffee, tea, milk, juice, and mineral water is available. Mineral water is available, but bottle water is charged. Tea and coffee is also available with desert at lunch and dinner


All Packages include transfer from the airport or hotel in Manaus and vice versa. The landed transfers are made in cars, vans or buses of luxury, with air conditioning. The fluvial part is held in regional boats covered, exclusive of the lodge for navigation until the Igarapé do Tarumã-Açu. Transfer coordinated by staff speaking English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Transfers included in the package:
Manaus hotels to Ecopark: 08:30h or 12:00h.
Manaus Airport to Ecopark: for regular flights between 6:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
Ecopark to Manaus hotels: Check out 10:30 AM, departure from lodge at 11:30h and arrival in Manaus around 12:30h.
Ecopark to Manaus Airport: 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM. During summer time, departure is one hour earlier!
Night Transfers to-from airport: R$ 300,00 per track for groups up to 9 people. From 10 on, it is free.

*DROUGHT SEASON(normally between the months of September and December): the access to the hotel and some tours may be changed, instead of canoes and boats, tours occurring close to the hotel like ecological hiking, Monkey Forest, visit the home of the caboclo, primitive fishing and nocturnal, will done by walking. This may or may not occur depending on the intensity of drought, with variations year to year.
The full day tour to the Meeting of the Waters is not changed and remains held in 2-deck boat.


The excursions will be arranged and scheduled according to the operations department.

01 Night - NO Meeting of Waters


* Transfers IN (land and fluvial) & OUT (fluvial and land).
* Meals:
1st day - Lunch (L) / Dinner (D)
2nd day - Breakfast (B) & Check-out: 10:30 AM.
* Excursions: Ecological hiking, Monkey Forest (canoe), visit to native community (canoe), fishing (canoe) and nocturnal spotting (canoe).

02 Nights


* Transfers IN (land and fluvial) & OUT (fluvial and land).
* Meals:
1st day - L/D
2nd day - B/L/D
3rd day - B & Check-out: 10:30 AM.
* Excursions: Ecological hiking, Monkey Forest (canoe), visit to native community (canoe), fishing (canoe) and nocturnal spotting (canoe).
* The tour to the phenomenon of the meeting of the waters (full-day regional boat) is only included in the specific package, this package departs at 8:30 am on the first day or on the last day, returning at 5:00 pm.

Package 03 Nights


* Transfers IN (land and fluvial) &
OUT (fluvial and land).
* Meals:
1st day - L/D
2nd day - B/L/D
3rd day - B/L/D
4th day - B & Check-out: 10:30 AM.
* Excursions: Ecological hiking, Monkey Forest (canoe), visit to native community (canoe), fishing (canoe) and nocturnal spotting (canoe).
* Meeting of Waters phenomena (full day in regional boat) only in the package with Meeting of Waters included.

Excursions Description

Ecological hiking

The Ecopark include innumerable species of plants inthe middle of the forest, streams of waters and natural savannas.
More than 10 kilometers of trails allow guests to explore the jungle observing the exotic orchids and giant trees. During the walk, always accompanied by experienced guides (bilingual), customers will learn about how and where to get safe to eat fruit and drinking water, how to find yourself among the trees and shrubs, learn about medicinal plants and more.
This tour is done within the property of Ecopark, usually right after breakfast.
Duration: depending on the health condition of the group from 1 to 3 hours.

Monkey Forest

The rehabilitation and reintroduction of wild animals center, known as "monkey Forest", was created in 1991 to receive animals confiscated from illegal trade and count on aide of the Centre for Screening and Quarantine of the Municipal Department of the Environment and Sustainability-SEMMAS.
There, the animals are initially quarantined to be evaluated and treated by a team of veterinarians and biologists.
In partnership with the FFV (Fundação Floresta Viva, meaning living forest Foundation), a non-profit institution and maintained by Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge, it was created a feeding practice. Twice a day (10:30h and 15:30h) animals receive food supplements themselves withdraw from forest, with necessary nutrients for a healthy diet. Currently, the site is open to visitation, always accompanied by skilled professionals, allowing tourists to film and photograph these animals in totally natural and safe environment.


Departure from lodge in paddle or motorized canoes, accompanied by a bilingual guide for fishing piranhas or other local species.
Note 1: this is an amateur fishing experience and the material used is composed of simple wands, lines and hooks.
Note 2: This tour can be combined with the meeting of the waters and/or "visit caboclo’s house".

Nocturnal Spotting

In paddle or motorized canoes, accompanied by a bilingual guide, the tour purpose is to enjoy the sounds of the night in the jungle, with possibility of focus small alligators and/or other nocturnal animals. Once the alligator is paralyzed by bright of the flashlight of the guide, the animal's eyes glow like small red lights, and so it is possible to locate it. The guide, then will catch the alligator carefully with his own hands and bring it on board to explain about this reptile. Then he will return the small animal cautiously to the river.
Duration: 1 hour
Note: The station of high level of the river waters (April to August) and during full moon nights, becomes more difficult to find alligators.

Visit to Native Community

This tour departs from lodge in regional boat, accompanied by a bilingual guide, to learn about the behavior and traditions of the inhabitants "ribeirinhos" – native people.
Duration: The duration of this "tour" will depend on the place to be visited. In drought ever closer to "lodge" and in full (high level of waters) may be in more distant communities (1 h to 3 h).

Meeting of Waters phenomena

It is available in Packages of 2* and 3 nights.
The departure from ECOPARK is at 08:30h aboard of a regional boat (two decks).
The boat will navigation downstream Negro River with view to the city of Manaus: dome of the Teatro Amazonas, the Manaus floating Harbor, Customs and the interesting aspects of local life including houses on stilts. The arrival at the "meeting of waters" is set at 11:30h approximately. At this point, the dark waters of the Negro River meet the brown waters of the Solimões River, called them by locals the famous Amazon River, which follows up the Atlantic Ocean. The waters of the two rivers flow together for approximately 12 km, side by side without mixing. This phenomenon occurs because of the difference of temperature, density and speed of these rivers. The boat trip continues by the Amazon River to the island of Terra Nova, where lunch will be served in a typical local restaurant (buffet style with international and regional foods).
Depending on the level of waters, it is possible to visit an authentic village of Caboclo (may not occur in the months of May, June, July and August, when the "village" may be partly flooded).
This visit may occur before or after lunch.
During the months in which the water level is high, the local lunchtime can be changed to the National Park of Janauary, another place of rare beauty.
The time of arrival at the lodge will be around 17:30h.
*During the boat trip, eventually customers will be blessed with the vision of river-dolphins (ash and/or pink).
Approximate duration: 9 hours.

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