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Bird watching
Photos by JP Borges Pedro, Brandi Jo Petronio, Pedro Nassar, Eduardo Coelho and Marcelo Santana.

Photos by Marco Eichmann.PHOTOGRAPHY JOURNEY

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Photo Journey (Fridays to Tuesdays)
Anytime of the Year
2019R$ 6.120,00R$ 4.590,00


For safety reasons, only children older than 12 years old are applied for booking.

The Cancellation cases will be analyzed and fee charged as following:
- More than 30 days from check-in, 25% of total plus R$ 500 service tax;
- Between 1 to 30 days, 40% of total plus R$ 700 service tax;
- No-show, 50% of total plus R$ 1.000 of service tax.
Maximum luggage per person is 15 Kg. If necessary leave your extra luggage in Mamirauá office in Tefé

Wildlife and scenery of the Amazon from all the right angles.

Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve is the ideal place to live the real Amazon, with no cliches. Here, you can easily meet rare animals in exuberant landscapes, followed by the great guides of the forest who are used to the area like no one else is. Put your camera into test and go back home with personal discoveries, beautiful pictures of endemic species of animals, documents of the riverside life and, beyond all that, with the certainty that your visit contributed to the efforts for the conservation of one of the greatest forest on Earth.

The Photo Journeys - 4 nights package:

It does not include:
Air pass Manaus-Tefé-Manaus, hotel and other expenses in Tefé, other expenses in Mamirauá (cooling and alcoholic drinks, handcrafts, books, etc...), any travel insurance, and anything else not mentioned as included.

Photos by Eduardo Coelho.Photos by Marco Eichmann.Photos by JP Borges Pedro.

Why choose this Experience?

The beauties of Amazon Forest and particularities which flood plains of Mamirauá can offer, allied to the comfortable stay at floating Pousada Uacari.

A little of what is waiting for you:

- To capture the different poses of the photogenic sloth;
- To invent a way of making a whole samaúma, giant kapok tree (one of the largest trees in the Amazon) fit in the one picture;
- For macrophotography: the bark of trees, twisted vines, the details in the huge water lilies, flowers, leaves, spider webs...
- To document everyday life by the river: the production of flour, the work in the fields, the fishing, the children at play and the houses on stilts;
- To delve into the images of the night, especially in the dry season: the starry skies, the movement of clouds and the forest in the darkness;
- To have an excuse to return the following year and to capture unique images of a different season. In the dry, huge alligators or unbelievable flocks of herons and cormorants in the late afternoon. In the wet, surreal reflections of flooded forest lakes.

Photos by Marcelo Santana.

One of the main features of the photography expedition is the exclusivity: the visitor will have a private boat and an individual guide trained to assist photographers, to go on tours anytime, anywhere in the ecotourism zone of Mamirauá Reserve. With a list of suggestions of activities - to be visited in the appropriate times for best lights - the photographer will make its own program according to his/her expectations.

Among the suggested activities, some fun challenges like...

- Get a good shot of the red-faced white Uakari monkey: this primate, the symbol of the reserve and endemic to Mamirauá, is very shy and moves quickly through the treetops.
- Be quick enough to capture the arapaima in the air: this fish that can measure up to 03 meters (118") and 200 kilos (440lb) jumps out of the water to breathe using its modified swim bladder.
- Overcome the vagaries of the light: this close to the Equator, the sun rises and sets very quickly, animals are often seen in backlight in the treetops and the dense forest filters the sunlight.