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City Tours

Regular Tours Rates
English/Portuguese Guide - Rate per person

Airport -> Tropical Hotel
(Or vice versa)
R$ 80,00(Min. 2 people)
Airport -> Hotel in downtown
(Or vice versa)
R$ 100,00(Min. 2 people)
Airport or Tropical Hotel -> Hotel in Industrial Area or Manaus Port (Or vice versa)
(ONLY for Iberostar Grand Amazon - Car does not get into the harbor area.)
R$ 115,00(Min. 2 people)
City TourR$ 140,00(Min. 2 people)
Rubber MuseumR$ 200,00(Min. 4 people)
Survival TourR$ 240,00(Min. 2 people)

What to bring?

ID. Light clothes. Tennis shoes. Towel and swimming suit. Raincoat. Hat and sun glasses. Sun block lotion and insect repellent. Some money for drinks and souvenirs.

ATTENTION: All boats follow rigorously the obligation of the coast-guard. Send a list all guests respective date of birth and ID/passport number at least 02 days in advance for nautical tours as coast guard requirement.

KIDS POLICY: 0 to 5 years = FREE. From 6 to 10 years = pays 50%.
Up 10 years = pays 100%.

In the regular tours, we pick up the passenger at any hotel in Manaus area. Guide speaking Portuguese/English to all regular tours.

Opera House

CITY TOUR (Terrestrial, minimum 2 people)

Duration: 3 hours
8:15 AM - Presentation travel agency with your boarding pass
8:30 AM - Departure time in bus or van
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, except holidays (all the tourist spots are closed).

Departure from Tropical Hotel, driving 11 miles on Ponta Negra road (river front) until the floating port of Manaus, a unique experience. Following a brief stop at the Rio Negro Palace, the old official residence of the governor, a beautiful example of architecture of the rubber golden period. Visit do Indian Museum, also The Salesiana Congregation, a interesting place to understand the traditions, habits and behavior of the indigenous populations, a brief stop at the Justice Palace and the grand finale "The Opera House", a fantastic theater opened in 1896, without a doubt one of the main attractions of Manaus, a extraordinary symbol of the wealth and greatness of rubber golden period. Return to Tropical Hotel at 12:00pm.

Museu Seringal

RUBBER MUSEUM (Fluvial, minimum 4 people)

Duration: 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM
8:15 AM - Presentation travel agency with your boarding pass
9:00 AM - Departure from Tropical Hotel Pier
Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Departure from Tropical Hotel to Vila Paraíso (set of the movie "The Jungle"). The visit starts at the warehouse near a waterfront, place to board the rubber. Following visit the Rubber Master House, this majestic construction shows the wealth of rubber plantations at the industry boom and war effort. The tour follows with a visit to the "Large Tent", where the tools were kept under control, the "Chapel" and the warehouse for the manioc flour. Down the trail in the jungle see the rubber tree and the process to collect the latex. A visit where the balls of latex get into a smoking process, the very modest house of rubber extractions employees portraying the life and habits of the old rubber extraction era. Returning to Tropical Hotel, a brief stop at beach with the possibility of swimming. Estimated arrival at the hotel at 1:00pm.

Sobrevivencia na selva

SURVIVAL TOUR (Fluvial, Minimum 02 people)

Duration: 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM
8:30 AM - Presentation travel agency with your boarding pass
9:00 AM - Departure from Tropical Hotel Pier
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Departure from the Tropical Hotel marina towards the Tupé Village. A 2 hour jungle tour where different types of vegetation will be seen, identification of fruit trees, medicine leaves and roots and water sources plus the construction of small traps as well. Visit to the home of local Amazonian residents. Return to Tropical Hotel.